Ricci says his athleticism has always made it seem he’s traveling By Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Oct 23, 2016 09:12 PM

Ricci says his athleticism has always made it seem he’s traveling

JUMPING JACK. Even though he’s only in his first year, Ricci Rivero is ready and raring for greater heights.

Did Ricci Rivero take too many steps in his finishing of a fastbreak during De La Salle University’s matchup with University of Sto. Tomas?

You be the judge.



After all, that was basically what Rivero said about it after the game. “Actually, maraming nagsasabing travel. Pero ewan, kaya lang sigurong nagmukhang traveling kasi ni-hang ko sa side ko,” he said.

According to the younger brother of Prince, he has always been able to pull off moves like that and it has always caused debates on whether or not it was traveling. “Since high school, maraming nagsasabing travel sa akin yung ginagawa ko, pero every day kong paulit-ulit na ginagawa so hindi na bago sa akin,” he shared.

Nonetheless, how Rivero gathered his dribble, hop-stepped to the side, and then rose for a short stab all in one fluid motion did nothing but prove his much-hyped athleticism. And he could only agree in saying, “Pwedeng it shows my athleticism. Akala ko rin kasi, susundot kaya prinotektahan ko lang talaga.”

And the rookie stud is only looking forward to showcase higher hops – especially with coach Aldin Ayo’s non-stop lifting up of his spirits. “’Di naman sa akin lang yung bini-build up ni coach na confidence. Kinakausap niya lahat na wag mawalan nang kumpyansa,” he said.

He then continued, “Kaya kahit hindi kami masyado ginagamit sa game, binibigay namin yung best namin sa practice.”

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